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Building your Website. When building your own website there are a few things to consider. If you know nothing about web design, you will need to pay someone to design it exactly the way you want. Make sure you use a reputable source so you are not wasting your money. Be very picky about choosing your domain name. Make sure it is short, sweet and memorable. One popular site you can visit to check what domains are available is This is also a good site to see who owns a particular domain you are interested. If the owner is not using the domain, you can offer to purchase it from them. More info abour Building your Website

How to Design a Website? When a customer visits your website, you have roughly ten seconds to capture their attention, so you better think carefully about what you want to include. More info about How to Design a Website

Why Web Presence is Important? Many micro and small businesses have the opportunity now to compete on equal terms with big businesses – using Information Technology and the Internet. Many micro and small businesses all over the world found that technology can greatly help with traditional, offline marketing.

The internet is a must for SOHO business owners. The internet gives you a global presence that is needed to be competitive in the business field that you are in. Many SOHO owners have warmed to the fact that they need a web-site to assist in presenting their company to potential customers and are investing in the proper tools to get their site on the internet. More info about Your Web Presence Is Important...

First of all, DON”T HAVE ANY FEAR! To many business owners, the Internet is a scary proposition because they are worried about data being stolen and some man looking through their computer at them. This is paranoia and nonsense! Any system create by man has to evolve over a certain period of time and the internet is evolving into a system that is creating opportunities for people while at the same time enhancing security measures to protect such transactions as e-commerce. More info about Your Web Presence Is Important...

WARNING flash! Many SOHO business owners think web developers are also marketers and that it’s their responsibility to come up with marketing slogans and content. Not true and if you find a web developer that has a background in business development, you’ve found a rare individual! Most web developers use the abstract side of their brain and only provide the look and tone of the site. That’s why they are called WEB DEVELOPERS! More info about Your Web Presence Is Important...

While the web developer is creating your site, you probably forgot to ask the developer a question that you should have asked in the beginning which is: “How are people going to see my site?” More info about Your Web Presence Is Important...

The web developer is almost finished with your site. You have the URL or name of your site but you need to attach that address to an invisible home out on the Internet. How would you do that? More info about Your Web Presence Is Important...

DotNet Business Online Web Design Tips

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